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All-Inclusive Investigative Services provides a variety of legal services to the public ranging from process service to filing with the courts and investigations.  We will deliver (serve) legal documents to any person, business, or public entity.  Our base of operations is the tri-county area of Lassen, Plumas and Modoc Counties in California.

The following is a list of our most commonly requested legal documents to be served to individuals, businesses, or a public entity: Small Claims, Summons and Complaints, Record & Personal Subpoenas, Family Law Retraining Orders, Unlawfull  Detainers, Foreclosure Notices. Our service is performed in accordance with the legislation and laws governing each area of service. 

process server
Process Services:

1. Serve documents on a person, a business, or a public entity
2. Prepare a computerized Proof of Service
3. Prepare the Proof of Service for court filing
4. File the Proof of Service with the court of jurisdiction
5. Mail the client the court's endorsed copy of service

Attorney Services:
• Court Filing
• Document Retrieval
• Process Serving

Please contact us regarding all your service needs. We will provide you with a Schedule of Rates and our availability at: or CALL (530) 310-0428

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Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved