All-Inclusive Investigative Services is a California based private investigation firm working primarily in the area of criminal defense investigations.

My name is Ronald L. Wood. I am the Qualified Manager/Owner of All-Inclusive Investigative Services. The first evaluation is always to determine the truth or falsity of reported crimes. There is no substitute for a thorough investigation; successful results are proportionate to efforts expended. 

Good decisions are based on accurate facts. Thoroughness in obtaining all the available facts is the key to successful defense. My extensive background and accumulated experience will give you the best possible results, so you can get your life back.

I am committed to uncovering the truth, defending those who stand wrongfully accused of a crime, and helping innocent people avoid condemnation and subsequent legal reprisals.  As your Defense Investigator, I will play an important role in preparing for your defense. I will do this by verifying and validating all that has been done by the investigating police department.  Through this comprehensive process, I will talk to each witness and review and verify all evidence, physical, verbal, video, etc., that will be used by the prosecution.  In a criminal trial I am your first line of defense. 

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